Paul Sciacca Licensed Insurance Broker

Nation Producer Number: NPN 19453211



Are you looking for a new career? Or a better opportunity, We are Hiring!

We encourage questions and keep all interviews confidential….. this is a non Captive opportunity

Licensed and Non Licensed

Are you a licensed Insurance agent, if not would you like to be?

Work your own hours.

Be your own Boss.

Licensed Agents start at 90% Commission and can advance to 150%

Renewals are vested from day one

We offer access to leads, leads and more leads.

Get as much or as little training as you require.

Work with the 50 top rated Insurance Companies, like Aetna, Fidelity, John Hancock, Mutual of Omaha and more.

You can work face to face, or from home on the phone or if you prefer 

Training Videos and Live Zoom trainings

Build an agency as you earn!

Get with an IMO that helps you along the way, no fees, no gimmicks.


Join the Team

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