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          Paul M. Sciacca is a Life Insurance Broker and is licensed in multiple states. He helps people qualify for A rated Life Insurance companies, which offer the most competitive rates. Not only will he help you get qualified, he will make sure the coverage is what you need and can afford.

        All appointments are Covid 19 safe (phone appointments). And appointments are fast and easy. And all policies are non-medical so they require no Doctors appointment or blood draw. Just a few medical and prescription related questions to help you get qualified. The best part is NO-MORE shopping around. Paul uses the latest advanced software to shop all the major A+ companies in just minutes. Paul is licensed in 16 states and growing, so he can help more families and individuals protect their loved ones from the expected and more importantly the unexpected.

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life insurance broker
Paul Sciacca Life Insurance Broker NPN19453211

Life Insurance Broker Licensed States

California  |   Idaho  |   Iowa  |   Kansas  |   Maine  |   Maryland  |   Michigan  |   Nebraska  |   Nevada  |   New Jersey  |   New Mexico  |  Utah  |  South Carolina  |  Tennessee  |  Virginia  |   West Virginia

Easy application

You can qualify for coverage without a medical exam or blood draw, just answer some basic health questions and submit a request for coverage over the phone. It’s just that easy!

Guaranteed benefits

All A+ rated Insurance companies must comply with state regulations. That means if you qualify your rates can never go up and your coverage will never decrease regardless of health or age.

Dependable coverage

Unlike some companies that offer you a “bait and switch” rate these A+ rated companies are dependable and they have earned the trust of millions of families all over the United States.

Get Qualified with A+ Rated Companies

Get Qualified

Click Submit Below and Paul will reach out to help you get qualified for Life Insurance Coverage that right for you.

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